The Whole Tooth Dental Podcast

Dr Lance Timmerman shares in more detail the dental services he offers. Many people scour the web to get a better understanding of dental care and dental services, yet simply reading and looking at photos are not enough. This medium allows people to understand more fully what dental care has to offer.
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The Whole Tooth Dental Podcast



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Sep 9, 2015

If this is going to happen, it will happen on a weekend.  Dr Lance Timmerman shares what to do!

Sep 9, 2015

People often ask if retainers can be used to do one thing or another.  Dr Lance Timmerman explains the purpose and limitations of retainers.

Sep 9, 2015

While it may seem common that dentists or dental staff suggest 6 porcelain veneers when restoring your smile, this is USUALLY a bad idea.  Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD explains the reasons, and why if someone suggests only 6, it may be a sign that they don't know what they are doing.


This is also explained in a book he helped write, "A Cup of Coffee with 10 of the Top Cosmetic Dentists in the United States."  Buy it on Amazon!  (proceeds go to charity)

Sep 8, 2015

Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila explains the options to fixing brown stains on teeth.  Can they bleach out?  Porcelain veneers the only choice?

Sep 6, 2015

If you could have straight teeth in a matter of weeks, using a removable appliance and short, frequent visits to the dentist, at about 1/3 the fee for comprehensive orthodontic treatment, how soon would you start?  Dr Lance Timmerman describes this innovative treatment.

Sep 1, 2015

Sometimes teeth are broken down so much that they just need to go, or existing dentures don't fit or look very natural.  Dr Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila offers cosmetic dentures, an option for a non surgical facelift of sorts.  This "denture fountain of youth" is revolutionary and can restore function AND beauty to your life.

Aug 25, 2015

There really is no such thing as a "deep cleaning" yet many dentists and hygienists use this term when describing periodontal therapy.  Dr Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila explains why this is a misleading term and why you should be seen every 3 months.

Aug 13, 2015

Many people are frustrated with their TMJ pain and headaches from fruitless treatment from regular dentists.  Seattle TMJ dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila is uniquely trained and offers a variety of solutions for people suffering from TMD/TMJ pain.  206-241-5533

Aug 11, 2015

Seattle Invisalign dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila shares the details about Invisalign and how it can help YOU get straighter teeth without brackets!  206-241-5533

Aug 7, 2015

Dr Lance Timmerman DMD shares some details about root canal therapy and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Aug 6, 2015

Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila explains the difference between a free consultation and an examination, and why they are so VERY different.

Aug 5, 2015

Dr Lance Timmerman DMD shares details about laser gum recontouring and how it can be the difference between a good smile and a GREAT smile.

Aug 3, 2015

Seattle implant dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila shares some thoughts on what dental bone grafts are, how they work, and he even gets a little bit technical on what the microbiological process entails.  This is for those that REALLY want the lowdown (meaning: boring).

Jul 4, 2015

Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila is one of the first dentists in Washington to offer 6 Month Smiles, cosmetic braces for front teeth.  While the focus is "what shows in a smile" there are often beneficial side effects.  Listen to learn more and give him a call at 206-241-5533

Jun 29, 2015

Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila explains how teeth can best be whitened.  Sharing the 3 key factors to whiten teeth, Dr Timmerman gives his opinion on the best way to achieve your teeth whitening goals.

Jun 29, 2015

Seattle dentist Dr Lance Timmerman in Tukwila explains why he can't accurately quote a fee for a dental implant over the phone. Since many variables play into a fee for treatment, every case is custom planned.  Dr Timmerman explains why.

May 26, 2015

Dr Lance Timmerman in Seattle shares how porcelain veneers can create a brand new look and improve a smile.  Not ALL dentists are trained in this manner and patients may have a hard time choosing a dentist that can give them what they want.  THIS podcast can shed some light on how to choose a dentist and what is involved.

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